"The Commandments for Loving Yourself"


1. Being instead of having

2. Nurish yourself instead of eating

3. To know instead of believing

4. Stay free of addictions

5. Maintain a clean conscience

6. Maintain positive and creative thoughts

7. Other important things for your health and happiness

1. Being instead of having

We must educate ourselves constantly. Learn things that interest us and not because with this knowledge we can earn more than with another. When we have learned much, we realize, that we are no longer afraid of existence. That in any place we can survive. The more we accumulate, the more valuable time in our lives we spend on taking care of them, protecting them, paying them, and using them. Take the example of a car:

1. We have to work long hours to pay for it. Calculate the final cost of the car and how many hours of work it means.
2. We spend another bunch of hours in trafficjams to get to the job we need to pay for this car.
3. We wash and clean it over the weekend instead of learning something new or just relaxing.
4. To keep it up to date, pay it and be able to ride with it (gasoline, diesel, grease, repairs, marking, tolls, tires, mandatory checks, fines, etc.) we have to work more hours.

Instead of all these lost hours, we could enjoy them better in nature in the fresh air, do something with the family, read a book or also learning something interesting. (Painting, carpentry, soldering, knitting, typing blindly, swimming or some crafts). This video brings some ideas how to escape from the cult of materialism:
Escape! From the Cult of Materialism

The same applies in many other things: A big house, Television, cell phones, appliances that are not necessary. Many people do not value the most valuable thing they have and nobody will give it back to them: Their life time. They are spending it caring and paying for useless things, seeing an artificial life in front of a screen. Another great waste of money, time and health is what, and how we eat, without nurishing ourselves.

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2. Nurish yourself instead of eating

In this text I point out a great difference between nourishments and food. When I talk about food here, they are products that are for our pleasure, they do not feed or nurish us well, they fill our stomachs and soon the hunger returns, because the body asks for nurishments. This way we eat 3 times the amount we should eat. This is the cause of almost all diseases (97% according to Dr. Med. Ernst Bauer). I do not say that you should never eat food, you can enjoy some rich meat from time to time, but you have to learn that this is a pleasure, a pleasure that takes energy away from you, instead of giving it and if you repeat it too much, it makes you sick, because our gut is not made to digest meat, it is too long and the meat on the way out, rots. Carnivores have shorter intestines and also eat the bones, which is why it does not give them osteoporosis when they eat it.

What are nurishments? It is very easy: All we can eat raw, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole oats, honey and most of the fruit seeds (apples, grapes, papayas, avocados). There are few rules to look at: Never eat fruits and vegetables at the same time except bananas, avocados and garlic that can be mixed with both. If you want to learn what I eat once a day, see the Mamus recipe on my website. I personally start the day with the juice of 6 large or 15 small lemons, mixed with half a liter of water or the water of a young coconut and a diluted shot of Magnesium Chloride. Then I wait until I'm quite hungry to make water in my mouth thinking about my Mamus. I eat this Mamus every day with whole breads that I make in the house with organic whole wheat and the same mixture of seeds as in the Mamus, on the bread I put coconut fat, orgánic garlic, fresh tumeric, basil, Himalaya salt, pepper and parsley.
See here the Mamus recipe

The rest of the day can be a salad or a little food just for the pleasure of eating. Sometimes you want to cook something, but you should only cook things that you can also eat without cooking: Potatoes (not when they are green) and eggs can be eaten raw. Beans, chickpeas, yucca, etc. are poisonous when raw and are not considered food in my opinion. The only fat to be heated is coconut oil. For salads it can be virgin olive oil which is cheaper than coconut oil. The best salad oil in the world, hemp oil unfortunately it is still banned in Costa Rica.

These foods keep your body in an alkaline state. Diseases including cancer can only develop in an acidic environment. The important thing is to maintain the alkalinity that produces few free radicals. A long list of (forbidden) cures against cancer work simply because of this fact. Remember: All cooked or processed foods (including milk, alcohol) produce acidity and all raw foods produce alkalinity and lower the blood pressure. The only reason for high blood pressure is cooked foods.

Look! No wild animal gets sick and no wild animal cooks. They get sick only when we give them processed foods.

What are the foods that most make us sick?
First are foods with such large amounts of purines or uric acids that the kidney and liver can not fully detoxify. Toxins accumulate in the body; First in the connective tissue between the organs and then in the body fat. Once these deposits reach the end of their capacity, they begin to present the different diseases for the purpose of getting rid of these poisons. Realize, in fact the disease, the fever or fasting is the cure, or the way to remove the toxins. This proceses (illnesses) usually start happening aroune the middle of life, at about 40. It can be much earlier according to your diet and condition. This is why there are children with cancer. On average, the Costa Rican person spends 13 years of his life beeing sick. It is very difficult to be joyful and happy when you are sick.

The worst food due to their amount of purines are:
1. Black tea (Iced Tea)
2. Liver, Kidneys, etc.
3. Coffee
4. Meats: Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Rabbit
5. Fish, especially tuna in tins or cooked must be avoided.

The worst foods because of its addiction, and production of high acidity, are:
1. White sugar; The deadliest drug in the world.
2. Complete proteins: all dairy products, meats, fish, white rice and beans combined.
3. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, black tea, coffee. 4. White bread, products made from white flour, white salt.

The food industry knows this. They want you to constantly stay hungry an overeat. Adding white sugar. milkpowder, and salt to almost all of their products (look at the labels) that creates sugar addicts. Sugar turns into fat in you body (look at the people around you). Many products have a combination of several harmful and addictive elements like for example almost all soft drinks but especially Ice Tee and Cola drinks, which has such a large amount of sugar that they have to add other acidic things and salt to be drinkable. Sugar and caffeine are addictive and salt produces thirst and an artificial Hunger.

An example of such habits as people call them, but in reality they are addictions, we can see Switzerland. For breakfast people got used to drinking coffee with milk and sugar, white bread with jelly, or according to the region fried potatos. In Switzerland, most people eat up to 5 times a day with meat, sausages, or cheese and lot of butter. May meals are cooked with butter or are plain butter like the Holandaise sauce. Many say that if a meal doesen't include meat or sausage, it is no meal. Fruits are sometimes eaten for dessert, but usually it is something sweet or cheese. 65% of the Swiss population has or will have cancer. It is also one of the countries, which consumes many dairy products. In my opinion, but it is also the opinion of many experts in nutrition and disease prevention, milk and its derivatives such as butter, creams, cheeses, yogurt, ice cream should be banned altogether because of the endless amount of diseases it causes:

1. Milk products given to children, it reduces the life expectancy, because it comes from a mammal that only lives around 20 years. All mammals live 5 times the time of their growth. We mature too fast because of the milk. There are whole civilisations that do not consume dairy products from cows (only goat cheese in the winter) that live an average of 125 years (5 times 25). Only eating vegetables and fruits, mainly apricots.

How Hunza People Never Sick
Hunza Diet is the secret to get old (145) and be happy!

2. Milk products removes calcium from bones and teeth, for lack of enzymes necessary for digestion. Misleading advertising, which says otherwise was already banned in USA, in Europe no yet, because, the lobby of milk producers is very strong, and many milk producers in European countries receive subsidies from governments. Milk products give us cataracts of the eyes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, breastcancer, prostate cancerand many other problems like back pains and hip problems. See older people, as they walk bent over and break their bones when they fall.

3. The drugs and growth hormones that the cows get make us sick too. They are even beginning to feed the cows with Monsanto corn increasing the danger of prostate and breast cancer even more. For me personally, and by my own experience with my knees and acles, which were cured after very serious problems during 30 years and finally were cured leaving the dairy products, milk is the most harmful, dangerous and bad product for all the above and because of its good image, created with false advertising, making people believe that it is a good product and because it is the children who whom it does more harm. Not only should it get an alert on the packaging like cigarettes, but it should be banned completely. Of course, no TV or newspaper will publish something similar, because of the amount of advertising they receive from producers. So we have to take advantage of channels on the Internet that are not yet controlled by the Multinationals.

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3. To know instead of believing

Making us believe things we do not know not only is practiced by the thousands of different religions for their profit. When Hitler came to power with the help and technique of the Catholic church, 80% of Europeans believed, that the new Messiah had arrived. The technique of repeating the same message over and over again, until people accept it as a reality not only works in religions, but also in politics and advertising. The pioneers and world champions of this tactic however are the religions and not just the soft drinks.

Today almost all people who watch television, read newspapers, walk on roads with signs and use a cell phone, are exposed to the constant bombardment of repeated messages. Finally believe that Coca-Cola makes happy and smoking marijuana makes stupid and that to drink some beer is the taste for the big people.

The lies of advertising (milk or meat gives force), politics (which never fulfills its promises) and religions (promising haven, hell, demons, and miracles), are the drug of the masses, who accept these messages without reflection and without making an effort to learn the truth. There are many possibilities to learn certain truths in books and on the Internet. If you want to live joyful, happy and without fear, it is indispensable to get rid of many harmful beliefs: We must not save the earth, but save humanity; The earth will save itself. Milk does not give calcium, but removes it from our bones and teeth. Coca-Cola does not give us happiness, but diabetes. The sun does not give us cancer but but vitamin D and lots of defenses against many diseases including cancer. Walking barefoot does not give us rheumatism but it forces us to walk properly, avoiding the varicose veins and back problems.

Running is not a healthy exercise, it burns sugar instead of fats and damages the joints. The same applies to almost all extreme sports and exercises which also are addictive. Flu viruses and cold bacteria do not enter through the mouth but through the ears. These bacteria can be removed in the same ears with 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide, because there is no medication against colds and flu. Illnesses, fever, and fasting are the way the body gets rid of toxins. The AIDS virus does not exist, it is the mandatory treatments that kills the people diagnosed with this disease. If you are looking for health, avoid all kinds of medications. In the United States alone, between 250,000 and 300,000 people die each year from drug side effects, mainly pain medication. This list could go on almost to infinity. There is an interesting page on the Internet that reveals a lot about these lies and misconceptions: It's called
Biblioteca Pleyades.

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4. Stay free of addictions

This is the most difficult of all. We say that we are accustomed to doing things in a certain way. Changing customs is the hardest and most difficult. We say that many of these things are our culture or custom, or that we do not know how to do it differently. It's actually an addiction. A person without addiction is free of them, a freethinker.

For example if you have arthritis, what do you prefer, continue with arthritis or stop eating salt. Most people choose to continue eating salt and take pain pills.

The list of addictions is very long and the way of leaving them is quite hard for lots of people. But if you want to start loving your neighbor, which is the thing that most joy and happiness will give you, you have to start loving yourself first. If you keep a harmful addiction, knowing it is harmful, you do not love yourself, right? Because if you really love yourself, you're not going to hurt yourself.

1. Complete protein addictions:
The most fatal addiction not only for us, but for all humanity and almost all countries of the world, is the addiction to complete proteins. When a person says, "I can not be without eating this or another complete protein", he is addicted to it. The complete proteins are: Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, rice and beans together.

Not only do we spend human food fattening animals, while 50,000 people die of hunger every day, we get sick with these addictions and the sick people break the social security systems of most countries. Almost every country in Europe and the United States is bankrupt. Today in Costa Rica people spend on average 13 years of their lives sick, and increasing. On every streetcorner there is a drugstore and a doctor.
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2. Addictions to cultures and religions
This addiction in its extreme form produces fanaticism. National fanaticism and religious fanaticism has killed more people than all wars combined.

In Iran, if you do not believe in Muhammad, you are doomed to die. In 1940 in Germany if you were Jewish, they also killed you. For 400 years, Catholics and Protestants have killed as many as 1,500 witches a day. Today the killings between Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East continue. Logically all these killings are carried out in the name of God because each one has God by his side. As Einstein has said: "There are two infinite things, the universe and the stupidity of the people, and about the first I am not completely sure." If you think this is an exaggeration look at this shocking list: The heritage of Christians
The sad thing about all this is, that people do not realize that they believe something because they do not know it or simply because they can not know it. If we would know it, we do not have to believe it. Besides, all our thoughts are based on words. Words are nothing more than words, period. Words should not kill anyone, but it seems that they do not serve much to communicate, but more to separate and make people intolerant. We do not know who invented and translated all these deadly words. I wish we could reflect and investigate more where they came from and who wrote certain words, before saying or using them as if they were truths.

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5. Maintain a clean conscience

I think the best way to maintain a pure awareness and conscience is to write down a personal philosophy of life. In this philosophy, one puts his rules of ethics and how to manage his daily personal life. In mine, which is at this address:
My personal Philosophy

I have the following chapters: General, Family, Relationship / Marriage, My Time, and Health. These rules help keep you honest and faithful despite the circumstances in your life, which invite you from time to time to leave the right path. In this way we do not deceive anyone or ourselves.

It is impossible to be joyful and happy with a bad conscience. A pure consciousness also keeps us away from negative and mixed emotions, such as jealousy, envy and stinginess. It also keeps us away from stress and fears.

Many people have completely unnecessary and pointless fears. The fear of getting sick will make us sick. The fear of death will kill us. There are other completely stupid fears like fear of insects, mice, cockroaches, devils, demons, God, hell or claustrophobia. In the next chapter I will explain why, if we are afraid of being assaulted, we are likely to be assaulted, if we are afraid of flying, it is possible that the plane will crash, if we are afraid of the sea, we may drown. It is proven (see the video below of Bruce Lipton: The Power of Creative Thinking) that fear produces disease. A pure conscience takes away all these fears of the future, lets us enjoy every moment of life with joy and happiness, because we have learned that we all have to die someday to make room for our children and the only real thing that exists, is every single moment that we live. The past is past and the future does not exist.

We should never waste the short time they have given us to live with falsehoods, lies, stupid emotions and habits, fears, harmful work and addictions against nature. We have to remember that we have only this moment and this life. If we waste it we do not love us. If we do not love ourselves, we can not love our neighbor, if we can not love our neighbor we live in stress, disillusioned, bitter and sad. We lose the greatest of this life, Love. Back to top

Start to love everything and everyone and you will start to live your moments, one by one, joyful and happy. Nobody has forced you to spend your time in traffic jams or hours in front of some screen. You have chosen your lifestyle, your job, your partner, your food, nobody has forced you. You are the only one who can change it. The lost time, nobody will give it back to you. Start seeing nature, your children, your neighbor, the birds, the flowers, the trees, the sky, your partner and real life happening around you, instead of seeing the screen of your phone, damaging in this way the cells of your brain. Join the small group of freethinkers. Teach them what you learned on this page. Leave the TV, alcohol, cigars, cars, cell phones, bad food, cheating, and complaints about how hard life is. It is the only way if we want to save mankind. You'll see, love will crush you.

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6. Maintain positive and creative thoughts

Now comes the most important thing: We have to be very careful not to fall into the trap of negative thoughts. They bring us the negative things. One thinks, that these are only words. But they are the words. Right, is is only words what we say and words that we think. With words we put the world in order, we popularize fashions, and we start wars. It's amazing how many killings were based on a few words. Embedded thousands of generations ago, it's important that people realize the magical power of words, and thoughts. Words are the messengers of all ideas, beliefs, confessions, cultures, political systems, intolerances, racism, jokes, poetry, utopias, talks and are also the simple blablabla that puts pepper onto everyday life, when it gives us pleasure to say nonsense or what we see. The least we do with words is to communicate and inform truths.

We put signs on the things, ideas, contradictions and thoughts that have kept people in their breasts for tens of thousands of years. Until people become uneasy about the damage that negative words and thoughts can cause, we are going to produce with them disease, fights, wars, and destruction.

Both our words and our thoughts, if they pretend to have a value, they have to come from intuition with a good intention to start the creative process that will produce new creative ideas. Dr. Masaru Emoto verified that our thoughts can influence and change the quality of the water. Our body is 70% to 80% water. Imagine then what our thoughts can cause in our body; They can make us sick and they can cure us.

People already know the placebo effect of medicines that heal even though they are only sugar pills. It is belief in a positive outcome, positive thinking, quantum physics, creativity of the possibilities that heals, not the medication. Not only the pharmaceutical industry became rich by this effect, also the religions.

Avoid negative thoughts at all costs. They give us stress and make us sick. Do not look at negative news, do not fight with your partner, keep calm when you're late for work and in a traffic jam, do not yell at children, do not fight with the neighbor. Do not wish anything negative to anyone. Do not be afraid of devils, demons, hell, accidents, etc. if you do not want to get sick. We are all one. If something is stolen, think it is possible that the thief needed it more than you. If the car stops working, think that maybe you avoided an accident. Take everything with absolute calm. All things happen for something. We are responsible for our health and for the things that happen to us. If you think of good things, good things will happen to you. If you do not have money to buy food, have a fast, it is good for your physical and mental health. Instead of stressing, look for work, then you'll have something to eat again.

There are many videos about the power of positive thinking and quantum physics on the Internet with different approaches. Here are some interesting ones. It is worth seeing them, so in this way you can better understand my texts, my intentions and see them in the context of the enormous changes that are beginning to happen to humanity.

Quantum Physics applied to life and spirituality, Interview with Amit Goswami (a good explanation of love).
The Hidden Secrets of Water:
Cells understand our thoughts and act:
The Power of Creative Thinking:

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7. Other important things for your health and happiness

(Please check this chapter once in a while, because I learn something new all the time)

1. Meditation
There are as many different kinds of meditations as religions and more. Praying is only one of the many ways to put the power of the mind to work in us. We are bombarded with so many irrelevant things during the day that we forget to connect again with what really matters. This can be simply to pray according to your religion, to pray a rosary is a way to meditate. Like me personally, I do not have and do not like any religion, because I feel that we can be better connected with God without doctrines and without asking or expecting anything from him. I think he has given us enough to be joyful and happy. We should be smiling the whole day long.

I'm going to explain to you simply what I do: Before sleeping I light some candles. I make a short summary of the day. I thank for the day. I check if I could do what I wanted to do during that day. Then I plan a little, what I want to do the next day. I see the candles trying not to think about anything for a while; This is the most difficult, especially if there is another person nearby, dogs barking etc., or I imagine a positive word such as "love" or "serenity" or "patience" or "happiness" and I visualize this word, I also visualize this word going around my whole body in my mind. If negative thoughts pop up in my head, I use a meditation that comes from Hawaii: It is 4 words telling to your God inside you: "I am so sorry - forgive me - I love you -thank you". Repeat this until your negative thoughts disappear.

In the morning I may do the Schumann Resonance Meditation with the frequencies 111hz, 90hz, and 7.83hz, or only the frequency of the earth which is 7.83hz with the headphones on, etc. During this specific meditation, one can even do things if one does not want to waste time.

Schumann Resonance Meditation Binaural Beat

Resonance Schumann - Vibrational Earth Frequency - 7.83 Hz - (pure binaural rhythm)

Binaural Audio: Activation Pineal Gland

Powerful Healing Theta Meditation ~ 528Hz Transformation and Miracles

Original javanese music gamelan

432 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation Music "Temple of Zen"

The 432hz frequency seems to be the most popular, both meditations from India, Egypt, Thailand, Mozart, Bob Marley and OM chanting.

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Most meditations are combined with breathing techniques. Again there are several techniques offered. I personally like the one offered by Wim Hof: With is 30 times breathing in strong in through your nose and easy let out, hold your breath as long as you can, than again 30 times, a total of three times. At the end do as many push-ups as you can do without breathing.

3. Showers / Baths
Don't ever take a warm shower, unless you switch to cold at the end. Warm water opens your pores and makes you vulnerable to the outside and sluggish. Start with cold water at the legs and go up slowly. Enjoy the cold, don't shiver. Don't shower more than necessary using soap. I do it once or twice a week maximum. If on the second day after the shower you smell under your arms a little, use baking soda and lemon instead of deodorants. The best time to shower is before you go to bed, to wash off the dirt from the day. I personally shower during the day before taking my sunbath.

4. Love your skin
Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Don't put anything on your skin you would not eat, because it goes right in. If you get something poisonous on your hands etc. wash it off as fast as possible. If you go bare feet a lot like I do, wash the feet before you go to bed. Only put coconut oil on your skin and hair. I do that once or twice a week and always after sunbathing.

5. Light
The energy our body gets is 30% from food and water, and 70% from light. Never at night use LED lights or Neon lights (only in combination with daylight or other candescent lights or candles. LED lights etc. are the main cause of blindness and a list of other illnesses. (Remember they want us to be sick all the time, that's the business). The main source for light energy you should get from the sun. If you don't live in a tropical area, there are UV lamps available that would make up for the missing light you need to stay healthy. I personally sunbath 3 to 4 times a week for about 1 hour. The skin should get l lightly red. After the sunbath I put some coconut oil on the skin. Do not shower after sunbathing for at least 2 hours, or you'll be washing away most of the benefits. Never ever use any sun-blocker. Read the label and ask yourself if you would eat that. A light sunburn is less dangerous than a sun-blocker.

6. Water
All the above is worthless, if we don't take care of the correct water supply of our cells. Each cell is like a little water-power-plant that produces energy. Our energy produced by the cells comes mainly from water and only secondary from food. Almost all people have dehydrated cells, because they don't drink enough water. But it cannot be just plain water, you have to add a small spoon to Himalayan salt to one liter of water, so the water you drink will not wash out minerals and salt. Your herbal tea and other juices don't count for water. It has to be pure water and 2 liters a day, also if you are not thirsty, because your body is already programmed to not feel thirsty, that's why most people are dehydrated. If you like to inform yourself about this, here is a good article.

Especially children should play in the dirt. They put everything, including their dirty fingers in their mouth. That's a natural and important activity to create the necessary immune-system for later in their lives. Also adults get from earth certain minerals for their immune-system that are difficult to get elsewhere. I personally wash the apples before eating, but if I buy organic potatoes, I don't wash them and eat them with the skin and dirt. Don't be afraid of bacteria or viruses, they are everywhere, just like cancer. There is not one person in world that doesn't have a cancerous cells in or on his body. What is important is to maintain strong defenses by a healthy immune system, so they don't get out of control.

8. Hair
If people would be more interested in loving and education themselves, instead of trends, fashions, and opinion of other people, nobody would ever cut their hair or shave the beard. Hair gives us a lot of extra senses or sensibilities. Cutting it, costs a lot of wasted energy. First of all, the ears should be covered by hair, because that's where the bacteria and viruses of colds, and influenza enter. For some reason we grow hair, did you ever see a wild animal cut their hair? They survived for millions of years! I live on a dirt road with lots of dust. Since I grew beard, I don't cough anymore in the mornings. I shake the dust out of my beard. The moustache covers my mouth, which is also a protection and a real pain in the but when eating. But I only eat once or twice a day, that's little trouble for a 24 hour protection.

9. Fasts and enemas
I fast almost every month since over 40 years. Now that I am over 70 it's not only plain water, but also with some water from Coconuts and some lemons to protect my heart. To not have headaches from the toxins going to your intestines you must take a 2 liter water or coffee enema with organic coffee every morning of the fast. At the moment I fast up to one week each month. When I was younger I fasted 1 to 2 weeks every 2 month. If you don't have fast experience or a fast doctor that assists you, don't fast over 3 days by yourself. There are risks involved, especially with too many poisonous cancer cells. There are many different kinds of good fasting methods, none of them are meant to reduce weight, they all are meant to detox. I you want to lose weight walk, eat raw food, and stay away from processed food.

10. Processed Food
Almost all processed food has some ingredient from Monsanto genetically modified (GM) seeds: (alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum,soybeans, sugarbeets and wheat.) they produce products with much less nutrients, so people eating it, will not get fed and overeat, in addition to all the other problems with the chemical Roundup etc. If you want to avoid to get that stuff into your body, don't eat any processed food, including all milk products.

And remember to stroke MA, Mother Earth, when you walk with your bare feet; And you know how the wind likes to play with your hair and from time to time, lift it from your ears so the messages from the creator of the entire universe can enter and then leave you with love.

This text was written late October 2016 at Playa Tambor, Puntarenas Costa Rica by Jörn W. Malek and can be used, copied and distributed to taste. If someone wants to add a chapter, correct my spelling or translate part or all, they are invited to do so. If there are errors of thought or numbers, you can let me know to correct it. The intent of this text is to share my ideas in a compressed form so that most people are encouraged to read it. I live what I am writing and I can not imagine a person more joyful and happy than I am. We are all living a dramatic situation on our planet. Scientists say that there were already 5 different civilizations that have gone extinct, and that ours is about to disappear in a few decades if we do not learn to live with love among all. I think if you can convince at least 1% of the people in the world. Salvation is possible and our children may have a future without the Iluminati. Back to top